Hard Summer 2015

This weekend I checked out Hard Summer at the Pomona Fairplex. Hard Fest throws this event every year and I was super excited to be back again. My last event from hard was Day of the Dead and the production / sound/ stage set up was amazing, that I was truly let down for hard summer.

Stages were really simple, very small and on top of that event ended early and now noise control so music was very low (which was no fun). You would think them selling tickets at $225 for weekend pass they would have money to top their last event but they didn't. 

Despite all the flaws, I made the best of it. Hung out with old high school friends, made new friends and enjoyed the music. Jauz was the first artist I saw and he killed it!! By the way thank you Moe ( Jauz Manager ) for the Guest passes truly appreciate it.  

My group is always the wildest in the crowd, we are always getting people pumped up and just making them go crazy. Walking around with bottles and giving out free shots to the crowd! 

Overall I had a blast with the group I was with.